Exercise your civic duty

Hello everyone. It’s been some time. Here’s a little incentive to encourage you to go and queue up tomorrow. Call for directions on 0964230962. See you on Monday! If you’re planning a wedding, this is your chance to sample our celebration cake. #freecakeatFlavasome

Unicorn cake

We’ve always dreamed of making this cake but opportunity always seemed to evade us until, BAMM! This weekend opportunity presented itself. Thank you to the Mbumba’s for choosing FlavaSome. We were delighted to make these vanilla beauties with whipped cream. For orders, call or text us on 0964230962. #FLAVASOME

Vanilla Cake recipe

FlavaSome tips: Always, always make sure your ingredients are at room temperature, otherwise something will go wrong with your cake. The batter will curdle, or your cake will sink or whatever. Something will definitely go wrong. I can’t stress this enough. Measure out all your ingredients before you start baking, it quickens your baking process.Continue reading “Vanilla Cake recipe”

50% off all items

Yes you read right. We are currently running a 50% promo on all our delicious treats. Don’t get left behind. Call or text for orders. To secure your order, make a full payment. FlavaSome, simply delish!

Cake it Till You Make it – A Cake Baked on a Brazier

by Tionge Chirwa Growing up, every Christmas celebration ended in rice with chicken and obviously, cake! Regardless of whether we were in the civilised Lusaka, at my parent’s home or deep in the heart of Luanshya, at my grandmother’s where baking was done in a hole in the ground. The increased load shedding hours inContinue reading “Cake it Till You Make it – A Cake Baked on a Brazier”

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