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Welcome to FlavaSome

At FlavaSome, we make confectioneries and savouries for all occasions. Our confectionaries include, but are not limited to 2D cakes, character cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, custom cookies, cream doughnuts and mini desserts. Our savouries include roasted peanuts, samosas, spring rolls, mini pies, mini sausage rolls and mini pizzas.

Our products are made with ingenuity and passion, inspired by the fantastic taste of freshly baked from scratch treats. We take great pride in improving upon your favorite designs in new and creative ways. So feel free to communicate your dream treat. If you can dream it, we can attempt it!

Discover Our Price List

The price list is a mix of assorted cakes, and the toppings may change with the seasons depending on availability. Prices are subject to change depending on flava and design. Be sure to ask about the monthly specials!


Small (6 inch – 2 layers)

Light cakes with whipped Cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, Redvelvet @ K200

Rich Cakes with Buttercream or whipped cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, Redvelvet @ K250

Fruit Cakes – LemonπŸ‹, Strawberry πŸ“, Orange 🍊 @ K300

Medium (8 inch-2 layers)

Vanilla K350
Chocolate K400
Black Forest K450
Character Cakes K550
High Cakes K650

Additional Charges on cakes:

Picture K100

Fondant K100

Chocolate Drip K50

Chocolates K50

Biscuits K50

Strawberries/Blueberries/Grapes K50

Artwork K50

Simple Wedding cakes:

Rich fruit cakes, a three tiered cake(6″,8″,10″) + two 8″ cakes + a 10″ cut and wrapped in foil paper = K5,000.

Light Fruit cakes, a three tiered cake(6″,8″,10″) + two 8″ cakes + a 10″ cut and wrapped in foil paper = K3,000.

Fresh cakes (VANILLA), a three tiered cake (6″,8″,10″) + two 8″ cakes = K2,500.

For complicated designs, additional charges will apply. Kindly note that the above wedding cake prices include delivery, set up and provision of cake stands.


Chocolate and Vanilla combo K280
Avengers K260
Vanilla K235

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To place your order, call us (+260) 964–230962 or use the form below.


We are beyond doubt one of the most exciting confectioneries and savouries hub in Kitwe.

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